Turbine Machining Days 2020

Save Time, Increase your performance & Improve your Process Reliability:


Together with our partners, we are happy to invite you to the Turbine Machining Days 2020 in Krefeld.

Do you want to optimize your existing processes and stand out from the competition with innovations? Then this event will give you the chance to implement timesaving of up to 90% in finishing with optimal surface quality. Exciting theoretical presentations and live demonstrations on different Okuma machines, will show you the interaction of several components and how this optimize and improve your production.

We will provide information on Okuma CNC Machining Centres combined with tools from EMUGE Franken GmbH and CAD/ CAM Software from OPEN MIND.

This combination of rigid machines, together with a high effective setup of tool holders and tools, combined with the latest milling strategies will OPEN POSSIBILITIES for optimization, more productivity and higher outputs. Learn more about hidden potentials in manufacturing and visit our event!


New Event Concept:

The health of our customers and employees is of course our highest priority. Due to the current situation, we created a special event concept. In our European headquarter we will present five stations in a tour, one after the other. Be our VIP guest and take part at the event in a group of maximum five persons. A product specialist will guide you through the whole event. Enjoy snacks and drinks during the theoretical lectures and presentations directly at the Okuma machine.

Of course, we will take care of all necessary distance and hygiene rules at all times.

In Corporation with:

Turbine Machining Tour

Location 1

Welcome & Okuma-Fly-Through

We welcome you at the main entrance of our European Headquarter in Krefeld, where you also meet your responsible guide for the whole event. After receiving your audio receiver you will get all necessary information about the event and the important distance and hygienee regulations. 

After that we will show you the different parts of the Okuma headquarter in detail.

Location 2

Partner Presentation

Take a seat for the introduction of our event partners:

  • Emuge Franken GmbH


Location 3

Demo MULTUS U4000

Comparison of conventional blade machining and the latest milling technology (KSF) with our multitasking machine MULTUS U4000.

Workpiece: SingleBlade
With this component we show a comparison of two processes. We compare the machining of single blades with conventional programming vs. innovative 5-axis tangential programming of the performance package hyperMILL MAXX Machining Finishing with conical barrel cutters from EMUGE FRANKEN. This enables us to achieve massive time savings while simultaneously improving surface quality.

Location 4

Demo MU-8000V

The MU-8000VL combine turning and 5-axis multitasking machining. Look how to reduce work steps and set up time and increase your production effiziently.

Workpiece: Turbine disk

  • Use of PAGODE milling cutter (form milling cutter) in use with 5-axis strategy (tbd)
  • 2,5D milling, 5X drilling, deburring
  • Feature machining for drilling

With hyperMILL you can implement simple 2.5D machining operations. On this part we will also show you how to optimise the programming of holes by using high-performance feature technologies in hyperMILL. Furthermore, special tools with 5-axis strategies are used.
Machining times are reduced thanks to multi-task machining and high-performance tools!


Location 5

Demo GENOS M460V-5AX

This 5-axis vertical machining center, is specifically designed to manufacture high precision parts and deliver impressive metal removal rates in a compact design.

Workpiece: Impeller:
With the multiblade package in hyperMILL, impellers and blisks can be programmed even without specialist knowledge. The package integrates automatisms to reduce the number of parameters to be entered to a minimum. The proven collision control guarantees a very high level of process reliability. The use of stable tools allows milling with high infeed parameters and feed rates.

Visitor Info


OKUMA Europe GmbH
Europark Fichtenhain A 20
47807 Krefeld

Tel.: +49 2151 374-0
Fax: +49 2151 374-100


Event Date / Starting Time

Tuesday, 29th September

Wednesday, 30th September

Due to the Corona regulations we will offer different time slots for the beginning of our event. Please select your preferred time slot within the registration form.

We will confirm detail starting time by email.

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