Open House 2022 in Krefeld, Germany

CNC Machine tools & Automation Solutions

The combination of automation solutions and rigid machines will OPEN POSSIBILITIES for optimization.
Combined with Okuma's own software and the latest machining strategies you will achieve more productivity and higher outputs.

Learn more about your hidden potential in manufacturing and Okuma's european headquarter in Krefeld,
from 25th until 28th of October!
Convince yourself of our state-to-the art machine tools and automation technologies.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


5-axis machining with maximum efficiency

Okuma Vertical Machining Centre GENOS M460V-5AX

  •  High precision, extreme performance full 5-axis machine
  •  Hybrid automation solution BMO Iridium 25
        for single part and pallet handling
  •  Customisable modular automation design for single
        and multibatch production
  •  Modular design for future growth
  •  Easy installation and extension


Power, speed and flexibility

Okuma Multitasking Machine MULTUS U4000

  •  Complex high accuracy turning and milling
  •  Adaptable, standardized robot cell
         Promro Compact RD
  •  Handling a variety of parts via drawer
         magazine with stacking option
  •  Complete machining thanks to turnover option

High-precision and complex machining

Okuma Multitasking Machine MULTUS U5000

  •  Machine for complex high accuracy turning and milling
  •  Operation with 3,000 mm between centers
  •  Special Long tool stocker for tool length up to 600 mm
  •  In process gauging possibility
  •  Gear machining on multitasking machine


Your assistent inside the machine

Okuma 1 saddle Lathe LB3000 EX II ARMROID

  •  High accuracy, outstanding stability
  •  ARMROID Automation
    •  Automatic Loading/unloading
    •  Automatic chip removal
    •  Automatic suppression of chatter
  •  Perfect integrated automation solution out of one hand
  •  More than just automated workpiece change

High speed and high accuracy

Okuma Horizontal Machining Centre MB-4000H

  •  Extremely small footprint automation with
         pallet tower for single machine up to 4 levels
  •  Flexible pallet loading: 12-24 pallets individual
         adjustable depending on work piece height
  •  No compromise in workpiece size due to automation
  •  Pallet pool controlled via proven FASTEMS MMS



High accuracy, outstanding stability

Okuma 1 saddle Lathe LB2000EX II

  •  2 Machines, 1 Robot in smart automation cell
         with extremely small footprint
  •  Faster return of invest due to compact automation solution
  •  Solution for shortage in skilled man power
  •  Compact automation solution Halter Premium 25
        for single part handling
  •  Ideal for manufacturing a family of parts
  •  Full gauging station integration available



Outstanding dimensional accuracy

Okuma Double Column Machining Centre MCR-S

  • Roughing and super finishing in one machine
  • Outstanding shape accuracy and finishing performance
  • Over 10,000 Okuma double column Machining Centres
        in shop floors worldwide
  • Self calibration of attachments
  • 3D - Laser tool setting in working position



Engineering Center

High speed, high accuracy Machining Centre

Okuma Horizontal Machining Centre MA-600HIII

  •  High chip removal rate
  •  High power 10,000 rpm spindle
  •  More than 650 Nm torque
  •  Maintenance-free sludgeless tank



Highly rigid double-column design

Okuma Vertical Machining Centre GENOS M560

  • Skeleton Machine
  • The mystery behind Okuma
  • Find out the reason for outstanding accuracy and rigidity


High accuracy grinding

Okuma OD Grinder GP25W

  • Automated movement of the machine components
  • Direct sizing of different diameters without manual setup
  • Loading of new programs and machine settings via QR code
  • Rotary dressing with automatic setting of the parameters
  • Grinding load monitoring function

3D Virtual Monitor
The digital twin of the real machine


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OKUMA Europe GmbH
Europark Fichtenhain A 20
47807 Krefeld

Location map

Opening Hours

Tuesday, 25th October to Friday, 28th October
09:00 am - 05:00 pm


Visit us - Open House 2022!

Be our VIP guest and take part in the tour in a group of a maximum of fifteen persons. We will guide you through the headquarters and our specialists will present you automation solutions directly at the Okuma machine.
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