You would like to expand your production with a compact turning specialist? And you know exactly which advantages the lathe you are looking for should have?
Save yourself long sales talks and contract negotiations - order our
All-round turning talent Okuma Genos L250II at one click.

The GENOS L250II-e (Lx290) is offered as a package version with complete equipment ready for turning.
The top CNC Okuma OSP-P300LA-e contains the full range of features from hardware to software functions of the LB series.
The proven Okuma Thermo-Friendly Concept is also used in the Genos L250II-e, and its unique design principle enables exceptional machining accuracy through outstanding thermal stability.

The ready-to-use machine will be delivered to you in the described configuration a few days after the order.


Okuma Genos L250II

Special price:by manufacturers rebate53.900 €

  • OKUMA horizontale Drehmaschine mit OSP-P300LA-e CNC Steuerung
  • Max. Bearbeitungs-Ø 220 mm
  • Schwing-Ø über Querschlitten 300 mm
  • Verfahrweg X-Achse: 160 mm, Z-Achse: 330 mm
  • Eilgang X: 25 m/min; Z: 30 m/min   
  • Spindelvorderlager-Ø 100 mm
  • Spindelbohrungs-Ø 66 mm
  • Spindelnase Gr. JIS A2-6
  • Riemenspindel: 7,5 kW; 125 Nm; 4.500 min-1
  • Revolver mit 12 angetriebenen Werkzeugstationen
  • Werkzeugaufnahme radial V12
  • Thermo-Friendly Concept
  • 2.800 kg                                 


  • Späneförderer inkl. 4 bar KSS-Pumpe
  • Werkzeughalterpaket
  • Werkzeugmessarm
  • Hohlspanneinrichtung mit Spannmittel-Ø 210 mm, Durchlass im Zugrohr 52 mm

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Order Okuma Genos L250II

Order Okuma Genos L250II

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