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The health of our customers and employees is of course our highest priority.
Due to the current situation, we had to decide to provide the Okuma Automation Days alternatively online. Of course, you will have access to all automation solutions as well as to the corresponding presentations.

We hope to welcome you again soon personally.

Stay healthy!


From the 24th of November 2020 we will present...

from our ROID series the MULTUS B250 II ARMROID and the MB-46VAE STANDROID.
Furthermore you can expire the Okuma LU-S1600 2SC with the Okuma Gantry Loader, the
Okuma MA-600 II in combination with the 12-fold pallet round magazine and many other highlights of the
Experience Okuma CNC technology.

2SP-2500H with Okuma Gantry Loader

The twin spindle lathe for the production of workpieces in large quantities

The integrated Okuma gantry loading system connects both spindles to ensure that the workpiece is transferred in the shortest possible time.
The NC-controlled change hand on the gripper enables the shortest change times when swiveling, loading or unloading the workpiece. Installed compactly in the lathe, this automation solution has a very small footprint.
The standardized portal loading system can cover all expansion stages of a complex production cell with extensive options.


Successful lathes machine with automation in the maximum expansion level

The Armroid robot automation combines the simplest operability via the OSP machine control with the possibility of covering a variety of tasks in the production of workpieces. From automatic loading in traditional applications, as well as cleaning the interior of the machine from chips and dirt, to application-relevant processes such as supporting long components during machining, are covered by Armroid automation.
In addition, the robot is implemented in Okuma's own collision avoidance system (CAS) of the machine, so that the entire process with the machine and robot is monitored in real time before the collision.

LU-S1600 with Okuma Gantry Loader

Lathe with upper and lower turret for simultaneous machining of workpieces with two tools

Together with Okuma's own portal loading system from the OGL series, there are no limits to the requirements of the automation process. All production steps, in addition to the actual machining, for example integrated measuring, washing and marking, can be integrated into the automation process in a modular manner. With this system too, the operability of the portal loading system via Okuma's own OSP control ensures simple and intuitive programming.

MU-4000V & BMO

Ideal solution for high mix small batch production

As a universally high-precision 5-axis machining center, the Okuma MU-4000V in combination with the BMO Automation Platinum 50 offers the ideal answer for highly flexible automation tasks in the area of 5-axis machining. With its wide work area and the possibility of flexible 5-axis simultaneous machining, it can be used for the production of various workpieces with the highest precision. The loading / unloading of the workpieces is executed by the BMO automation solution Platinum 50. The quick and easy setup of the solution offers the possibility of economically automating large batch sizes as well as small, frequently changing batches.

Connect Plan

When all your machines connect, everything starts to click

One network connects all of your machines, regardless of age or control builder.
With Connect Plan you can monitor the activity in your factory so that you can plan and predict machine performance and uptime.
Get real-time updates about your machines no matter where you are.

3D Virtual Monitor

Our 3D Virtual Monitor software provides accurate, 3-dimensional machining simulations based on the machine and cutting programme you are using. The NC programs may come from its own Advanced One-Touch or from other sources such as CAM systems. 3DVM uses the exact specifications of your Okuma machine in order to know, in advance, if your program will safely, quickly and accurately produce the desired part. Small errors in a cutting program can have a huge impact on productivity. Ultimately, our 3DVM feature eliminates costly repairs by testing and editing programmes before they ever hit the machine.


The Okuma MULTUS BII series machines are general purpose multi-function CNC lathes that are designed to reduce set-up time to improve accuracy and keep non-cutting time to a minimum. They feature the industry’s first Collision Avoidance System software. Thermal-friendly construction assures high accuracy, even in the most complex applications. In combination with our integrated next-generation robot system ARMROID, manual activities of the machine operator can be automated. Our automation ensures maximum efficiency and optimal utilization of your machine. Convince yourself of the many other advantages of the integrated robot arm.


The automation of your high-mix low-/medium­ volume production (HML/MV)

Economical heavy-duty machining and, at the same time, fine machining with the highest precision: The vertical ACE CENTER MB-V series used in tool and mold making and impresses with its stable portal design. The interaction of our MB-46VAE and the next-generation robot system is fundamentally revolutionizing modern production, with its constantly changing challenges. Smallest space requirement and the fully integrated function package inside our OSP control with the simplest operation, enables an extraordinary increase in productivity and ensures maximum efficiency with optimal utilization of the machine.

MA-600HII with Pallet Tower APC

Efficient and compact solution for pallet handling

The Okuma MA-600HII horizontal machining center offers high-performance machining with maximum precision. Together with the efficient and space-saving tower APC (Automatic pallet changer) automation solution for pallet handling, you receive a complete solution from a single source. The MA-600HII reflects maximum process reliability, dimensional stability and shape accuracy, e.g. for production in the automotive and agricultural sectors as well as in the production of construction machinery or railway parts. The turn-cut function - a synchronization of the spindle speed with a circular interpolation in the X and Y axes, ideal e.g. for turning sealing surfaces. - acts as a useful control highlight.

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