Intelligent Technology

Thermo-Friendly Concept

Okuma's Thermo-Friendly Concept combines control technology and machine design to both minimize the amount of heat generated and deal with the heat that cannot be eliminated. Coupled with extremely accurate thermal deformation compensation, the benefit is unrivalled dimensional stability over long, continuous runs. You no longer waste time and money warming machines up, thus requiring manual adjustments for temperature changes.

  • Less downtime
  • Less energy usage
  • Less labour costs
  • Less waste

Improved productivity

Machining Navi

Okuma’s Machining Navi assists operators by recommending optimal cutting conditions and speeds to suppress chatter. The function uses the OSP control and sensors to monitor chatter. If chatter is detected, the function then either recommends spindle speed changes (Machining Navi L-g and Machining Navi M-g) or automatically makes the spindle speed adjustments (Machining Navi M-i).

Machining Navi M-g
Suitable for high speed machining centre applications, Machining Navi M-g uses a microphone to analyse chatter and display optimal settings for chatter-free spindle speeds.

  • Higher surface quality
  • Optimized cutting
  • Longer tool life
  • Reduced machine wear

Enhanced machining efficiency