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We are happy to welcome you at our Headquarters in Krefeld to the Die and Mould seminar 2021.
Be inspired by an outlook of the future of Die & Mould manufacturing coming up this decade in a presentation from WBA Aachen.

With the following machines we will show you how to increase your overall productivity of your operation and take your production to the next level:

Of course, we will take care of all necessary distance and hygiene rules at all times.

Experience from the 23th - 24th of November 2021 of Okuma’s technologies for Die & Mould machining:


Shorten Setup Times

Reduce setup time with these functions for efficient zero setting, tool registration, and program checks
Collision Avoidance System (CAS)

Our CNC Controller OSP with 3D model data of machine structures performs simulation in real time prior to actual machine operation. Checks are done for interference and stops the machine just before a possible collision. Any operator can then be “focused on machining” with no worries, and that greatly reduces setup and first part cycle times.

Auto Attachment Head Compensation

The Auto Attachment Head Compensation automatically sets spindle (attachment) head rotation compensation values quickly and easily. By setting the rotation compensation value, even if the spindle head or swivel posture is different, it can be programmed at the tool tip position, making NC part program creation and machine operation easy.

Shorten Cycle Times

Cycle time is shortened by machining at the optimum feed rate depending on the shape
SERVONAVI AI (Automatic Identification)

SERVONAVI’s Work Weight Auto Setting function automatically sets servo parameters including acceleration by estimating the weight of the workpiece and fixtures on the table, which shortens the cycle time while maintaining the required machining accuracy.
In addition, even for machines with axis of rotation, auto inertia settings can shorten cycle times for 5-axis machining applications.

Make Mould Matching Easier

Makes mold matching jobs easier by faithfully reproducing the shape
5-Axis Auto Tuning System

A total of 11 types of geometric errors such as misalignment and tilt of the rotation axis are automatically tuned. The accuracy of 5-axis machines is taken to the max in less than 10 minutes to improve the final shape accuracy. Anyone can quickly and easily tune geometric errors automatically.

Renishaw Sprint

In addition to standard work piece probing, the Renishaw Sprint system can perform continuous scans and therefore provide comparison measurements of the workpiece to an ideal shape. After the measurement, an user-defined measuring protocol can be generated, or you can output the raw measuring data for further use.

Eliminate the Polishing Process

Polishing times reduced by high-quality die/moulds finishing operations

Automatically compensates for machining program disturbances that lead to surface defects and achieves high-quality machining without streaking. Hand polishing with grindstones can be reduced, which prevents shape errors and faithfully reproduces the designer’s intended finished part.

Rotating Laser Head

Tool length measurement with a swivel laser sensor eliminates edge position errors caused by tool positions, indexing angle, and spindle speed for each tool, minimizing the area step differences.

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Tuesday, 23th November
Wednesday, 24th November

We will confirm detail starting time by email.

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